Tired of the Aging Neck?

August 29, 2018



Patients always ask what is the best way to combat an aging neck - neck lift surgery may be the answer! At Hamilton Surgical arts, many methods may be used including a standard approach as well as a non surgical approach.


Removing the sagging loose skin of the neck and tightening the jowls gives a more youthful healthy appearance. A neck lift can accomplish that. 


In the past there was only one procedure, every patient got the same - lifting and tightening of their neck.


The surgeons at Hamilton Surgical Arts feel that every neck lift should be customized for each patient. We are committed to studying each patient's face and neck . Cosmetic surgery should not just be a procedure but should be a work of art. Not all neck lifts are the same.


Though some do,not every patient needs the extensive procedure of separating the skin from the muscles and excising and re-draping. Many patients cannot afford the downtime of two weeks or more. And in some cases it is definitely not needed.


Fortunately, in the past few years a number of newer techniques have been developed that yield extremely good results with minimal discomfort and rapid return to normal activity. One of these is what we refer to as the non-surgical neck lift


A revolutionary new modality Renuvion/J-Plasma uses energy consisting of a combination of heating and cooling at the same time to lift , tighten and rejuvenate the neck.The technique results in a youthful neck natural appearance with minimal downtime and none of the complications of the traditional neck lift. 


Renuvion/J Plasma is created when helium gas is energized by radio frequency energy. Because helium gas is very stable it can be ionized at very low energy. Therefore, the plasma is cooler than laser energy making Renuvion /J Plasma a safe procedure with much less risk and damage to the tissue which yields the patients  a very quick recovery time.


The non surgical neck lift can be performed on patients of any age. A traditional neck lift is recommended for those with more significant needs.  Patients are seeking the Renuvion Non Surgical  Neck lift for good improvement and a desire for a less expensive treatment without the downtime and complications associated with traditional surgery.


There is still a place for the traditional neck left but with these new modalities there are other very good options.


The surgeons at Hamilton Surgical Arts, Dr.s Jackson, Lowery, and Porto will assist you and provide you all the information you need to make  a decision concerning which is the best procedure for your needs. We will attempt to answer all of your questions and concerns at the time of your consult.


Please call for a complementary consultation at 317-773-6677

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