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Happy Clinic Price List



  Botox Cosmetic

          New Patients $10/unit 

          Returning Patients $11/unit

          Typical Hyperhidrosis tx - 60 u - 100 u

          Typical Jaw slimming tx - 30 u

          Typical Glabellar tx - 12-20 u

          Typical Forehead tx - 6-12 u

          Typical Crows Feet tx - 12-24 u


  Xeomin - $8/u flat rate


  Juvederm VOLUMA 1cc           -$850/1st Syringe

                                                         -$750/2nd Syringe

  Juvederm Ultra XC 1cc           -$600/1st Syringe


  Juvederm Ultra Plus XC 1cc   -$600/1st Syringe


  Restylane-L 1cc                         -$600/Syringe 

  Restylane Lyft 1cc                   -$600/Syringe

  Restylane Contour                 -$650/Syringe

  Restylane Kysse                      -$650/Syringe


  Sculptra Collagen Stimulator      -$1299/2 vials 

  Kybella (Chin Fat Removal)          -$600/vial

  Versa Lips                                - $495/Syringe

  Versa                                        - $495/Syringe

  Radiesse                                  -$600/syringe

  Instalift                                       - $450/suture


  Belotero                                    - $525/syringe


Mixto Laser Resurfacing - $3,200

         Face + Neck with Pre and Post Skincare


Microneedling - $150/treatment

VIP Facial Program - $80/month


Laser Hair Removal - pricing available upon complementary consultation


          5ml bottle - $149

Microblading - $500

Lashes - Full set $99

              - Fill $60

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