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MEN - Lose your lines, not your edge!


According to research, Men are the fastest growing segment of the population doing medical aesthetic procedures. Their growth number is over 80% year over year. If you are NOT doing medial aesthetic procedures, I can assure you that your peers are! In my own patient population, I approximate the percentage of men that I see are about 15%-20%. When I first started in the industry 14 years ago, that number was 1%-2%.


Men's faces are very different from women's faces. What makes a man look masculine and handsome is comepletely different from what makes a woman look feminine and beautiful. Inexperienced injectors will try to use the same tecniques on male patients as they would on female patients with oftentimes unfavorable results - making their male clients more feminine.


One difference between a male and female patient is the shape of their brows. Masculine brows tend to be more horizontal, with a minimal arch to them, while feminine brows look best with an arch. When doing Botox on men, I avoid giving men too much of an arch in their brows.


Another major difference between men and women is the cheek area. High cheekbones look good on both men and women, but men have a more centralized fullness in their cheeks, while women have a more lateralized fullness to their cheeks. An example of a man with a handsome, masculine cheekbone structure is Zac Efron. He has great high cheekbones, but the volume is more centrally located, while Kim Kardashian also has amazing cheekbones, but they are fuller more laterally.


Products that I often recommend for men include:


Botox to the forehead, the glabellar (the 11's), and the crow's feet. Doing a little Botox alone can erase 5-10 years from your face in a matter of a week. Simple and effective, many men often start with a little Botox.


Voluma to the cheeks and midface to raise the cheeks more centrally and lift the whole lower face and jawline. I especially like to define the jawline to create a more masculine square jaw with Voluma.


Juvederm to the smile lines, and marionettes will soften the lines and and Juvederm to the chin will create a strong chin.


Sculptra for general facial filling. Men who are fit, work out and have low body fat percentages often have "facial wasting". Their bodies look great, but their faces look gaunt. Doing sculptra can fill in the gauntness in a very natural looking way.


Kybella for the double chin. Market research has shown that men are more concerned about their double chins then woman. Kybella is a simple, noninvasive injectable procedure than can melt double chin fat and give you a more favorable profile.


Mixto Laser Resurfacing for skin textural issues, acne scarring, and pigmentation. This is our most powerful procedure for fixing problem skin. Men often neglect their skin in their teens and 20's, only to suffer in their later years. 


Obagi and SkinMedica skincare to protect their investment. Physician dispenced medical grade skincare is paramount to having great skin. Our products actually correct skin problems with more concentrated active ingredients.


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